Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Day 73: Truffles & Wine


I’m leaving San Miguel de Allende in the morning for two days in Guanajuato before flying home. Just writing this line makes my heart dip. At the risk of sounding overly sentimental, I find magic and inspiration in this city. Colors warm and excite. Crumbling foundations of history entice me to imagine. Romance perks from the city gardens, religion pours from church doors, and bells clang hourly to remind you to keep faith.
I spent the afternoon and packing and polishing off the wine and chocolate. You can’t take it with you, right? And I’ve never been one to waste. I missed Valentines’ Day with Jim this year. It has happened many times. One of us is always traveling, usually him, but this year it was me. He’s not into Valentines’ Day in the way that I am. I am into Valentines’ Day a little too much. But he thoughtfully packed a Valentines’ package to go– Red Velvet by Cupcake winery and dark chocolate truffles by Godiva. Twelve truffles, one for each day that I am away from home, pretty romantic don’t you think?
After too many dinners and desserts out, I fell behind. Today was a good day to catch up on chocolate and think about home. Since I was on a roll, I went for chocolate-overload with a visit to San Augustine’s for Española Chocolate and churros. Yikes. No amount of hill climbing is going to walk this day off.

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