Saturday, February 11, 2012

Day 60 2-Month Check Up

Wow, sixty days of eating wild. It’s been easier than imagined, maybe because I keep a moving target of what success looks like. I’m not trying to starve with this project or create undue hardship. I want tighter control and awareness of what’s going into my body, and that goal is a work in progress. It’s taken me a while to hone in on what I want to change, and what I can do about it.
Originally, I thought about eating only wild or homegrown food, but that idea didn’t mesh with travel schedules, family needs, social pressures, alternate food availability, and finances. These factors make boycotting the grocery store difficult, but I do enjoy pushing my cart right on by the meat, deli, and dairy sections. By avoiding industrial animal proteins, there is flex in the food budget for organic produce. I imagine that avoiding other grocery store isles will get easier as the seasons change and I’m able to grow and gather much more of my food.
So far, my non-plant proteins consist only of eggs, shellfish, fish, charity venison and squid. My hens provide some of my protein, as does the sea, but the bulk of my intake is plant-based in the form of legumes, nuts, and tofu. I’m enjoying my industrial meat boycott, and at the risk of sounding cliché, I feel cleaner. I’m not exactly sure what part of me is cleaner. It may be literal, like a cleaner running machine. Or maybe I mean mentally or spiritually, like my conscious or karma. Whatever it is, I feel a sense of lightness that has nothing to do with the higher than healthy number on the bathroom scale.

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