Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Day 65: Valentine's Eve in San Miguel

Rafael, my driver, dropped me off at La Casa de Elvia tonight after 7pm. A transformer blew, leaving the entire block in the dark. I dropped my bags in the room and made my way to the Jardin, a garden and pink church landmark in the center of town.
Streets glittered with bouquets of heart-shaped Mylar balloons carried by vendors. Young men weaved in and out of shops searching for that last-minute gift for a sweetheart or a mother. Romance infused this eve of Saint Valentine. I don’t think there is a Spanish translation for the word, “corny,” and I’m glad for that.
 I stopped by El Pegaso for supper and to see Cesar, Refugio, and Hugo. These men have fed since my first trip in 2009. I always wonder if they’ll recognize me, and they always do.
Cesar threw his arms open. “Ah, Christina. You came home.” There was an exhibition of hugging and kissing, as I passed from one amorous waiter to the next. I’ve got to say, I didn’t hate it. The affection was refreshing and welcome. We don’t kiss enough in the United States. These guys kiss a lot, and right on the lips.

Cesar and I caught up on the latest familial news, while I drank Negro Modella and ate scallop ceviche and Aztec soup. I scanned the menu before I left, fumbling through the Spanish words, and wishing I’d taken my Rosetta Stone software a little more seriously. Shark tacos, octopus cocktail, and at least fifteen vegetarian or wild seafood entrees caught my attention. I had just eaten, but reading the menu made me hungry again. I stumbled over cobblestone streets on my way back to la casa. I dreamed of food and planned a Valentine’s dinner with my waiters of El Pegaso.

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  1. Breakfast at Elvia's will make you blissfully happy too! Give my love to Elvia. Which room do you have? Mine was on the corner of the the outside stairs. It was decorated with so many fascinating dolls, etc. Loved my home away from home in SMA! Bugumbilia has the best Chiles en Nogada! I need to go next year. It has been too long since I have been in paradise.